Cheesy Receipes

There’s not a soul who has not drooled in the mouth at the mere mention or sight of soft, creamy cheese filled pizza or sandwiches or just anything with cheese in it. Go cheesy with Being Chef and try out these 5 easy cheese recipes that make for yummy dishes.

The Navratra Chef

Fasting during Navratras does not necessarily have to mean not eating. Here are a few dishes we would recommend on this occasion.

Incredible Cake Facts

Cream cakes, fruit cakes, cupcakes, almond cakes or simply any cake, all of us love to eat cakes. Being Chef celebrates the “Cake Love” and brings to you Incredible Cake Facts That You Probably Did Not Know. Read on!

Cookie World

Everyone loves cookies and there’s not a single soul who has a soft corner for these yummy delights. From breakfasts to tea time or simply as savory desserts, cookies can be relished anytime. We at Being Chef are celebrating the “Cookie Love” giving you a list of the 5 Most Favorite Cookies of all times.

Food Photography Tips

Photography also is responsible for igniting the cravings in a lot of stomachs. The food needs to be presented in a way that just a look would make someone eager to try out the item. It should be as captivating as possible. We have therefore listed a few things you could keep in mind while taking such photographs.

The Mahatma Dish

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday for a reason. To emphasise on the simple life that the mahatma lived, we give you a list of simple food items to prepare on this very special day.