The Mahatma Dish

Holiday at home: The dishes to have on Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday for a reason. We pay our respects to the Mahatma on this day and celebrate the birth of a person who led a revolutionary struggle in India. Any kind of celebration is still incomplete without food. To emphasise on the simple life that he lived, we give you a list of simple food items to prepare on this very special day.

Moong Dal Khichdi


Unlike popular belief, we do not need to have khichdi only when we’re unwell. It comes under those simple food items which you can consume to go easy on the stomach and have a light and healthy day, a break from the regular heavy food. It is prepared by boiling moong dal and rice together and of course the lesser ghee you put, the better.

Simple and refreshing salad


A salad made with cucumber, carrots, onions and tomatoes with enough lemon juice and even salt and pepper according to taste, proves to be a very thoughtful choice of dish to be kept on your dining table and eaten fresh.

Atte and Gur ka Halwa



Simple can also be delicious. This very sweet and tempting dish proves that. Using wheat flour or atta and gur instead of sugar along with ghee, you get the ideal dessert which is simple and at the same time amazing to enjoy with your loved ones.

Brown rice


Brown rice made in a way similar to fried rice or tomato rice can also do the trick for you. Add your favourite vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, onions and whatever else you can think of to make it interesting to eat and simple at the same time.


Oats laddoos


Made with oats flour, honey, milk and dates, these laddoos are healthy to the core and since they’re sweet, they make for a very good dessert. A lot of us are already addicted to sweets and the opportunity to have an actually healthy dessert comes very rarely so we should grab that opportunity whenever we can.


On this delightful occasion, go light and choose simple and  healthy items, even if they have been ordered from outside.




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