Cheesy Receipes

Go Cheesy – 5 Easy Cheese Recipes That Make for Yummy Dishes

Cheddar, Mozarella, Swiss, Spread or simple slices, cheese by any name sounds and tastes delicious. There’s not a soul who has not drooled in the mouth at the mere mention or sight of soft, creamy cheese filled pizza or sandwiches or just anything with cheese in it. Go cheesy with Being Chef and try out these 5 easy cheese recipes that make for yummy dishes.

image03Veg Cheese Pasta

Sautéed onion, capsicum and celery are mixed with boiled veggies like broccoli and beans and added with cheddar cheese and milk. Toss boiled pasta and top it with extra shredded cheese for a cheese overloaded pasta fare that is rich in vitamins and carbohydrate content.

image00Cheese Rolls

Blend equal amounts of butter and cheese and spread on bread slices whose sides have been removed. Roll the slices and seal their edges with a toothpick. Bake for 15 minutes in a pre heated oven or deep fry in oil and enjoy these scrumptious cheese appetizers with any dip of your choice.



image01Chilli Cheese Toast

Chop onions, de-seeded chillies and coriander leaves and mix them with lemon juice and salt. Spread the mixture amidst bread slices and add plenty of shredded cheese. Grill or toast and enjoy this spicy version of the simple cheese toast.



image04Cheesy Bean Burgers

This dish is a savior in disguise. Whenever you are in a hurry to whip up something to eat, then take two buns and stuff in a lettuce leaf, baked beans, boiled potatoes, onions and tomatoes and cheese slices, one, two or three (if you want an extra cheesy effect). Bite into this wholesome cheesy bean burger and you will know what comfort food is!


image02Cheese Pops

Yet another easy cheese recipe! Cheese Pops can be the best appetizers for any party. Soak bread in water and then squeeze out the water from them. Mash these bread slices with grated cheese, curd and chopped coriander (optional) for a distinct flavor. Deep fry and gorge on these piping hot cheese pops with chutney or sauce.



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