Food Photography Tips

Food Photography tips for taking the ideal pictures

You know the food is good when you have one look and feel like having it, even with a full stomach some times. Photography also is responsible for igniting the cravings in a lot of stomachs. The food needs to be presented in a way that just a look would make someone eager to try out the item. It should be as captivating as possible. We have therefore listed a few things you could keep in mind while taking such photographs.


Keep changing the angle


Taking a top view of a food item never works out as well as you would want it to. It captures the entire plate, yes, but it also makes the food look very plain and bland. Try changing the angles and click from the sides and even blur the background to focus on the food item.


Show the food cooking


Showing food in the process of its cooking always works out really well. The most loved food bloggers are known for taking multiple shots of the food item while cooking. There is a lot of scope for good shots while cooking and some of the ingredients look extremely tempting.


Use props


Just the item isn’t enough. Most times it needs to be surrounded by other items to make it look perfect. The cooked dish can be surrounded by raw food items and fresh vegetables to add an interesting twist to the dish. Make sure that it’s not too cluttered, that would take the focus away from the main dish. The props, when used, should be used in a way that doesn’t shift the focus.


Take care of the lighting


Just like your regular pictures, lighting in food photography is very important. There must be parts on the plate you wanted to focus on and make them stand out. You can do that real well if there’s adequate light on the dish. Sunlight is the best light for this but yellow lights are good too in case if odd timing.


Make sure it’s fresh


Even one rotten tomato would show in the picture. Make sure that whatever you buy and include in your dish is fresh. Not only from a health point of view, but from the presentation point of view as well, keeping the food fresh always looks good. Shots of water droplets can also be an added bonus.

Whatever you click, make sure it looks good to you.



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