Incredible Cake Facts

Incredible Cake Facts You Probably Did Not Know

Cream cakes, fruit cakes, cupcakes, almond cakes or simply any cake, all of us love to eat cakes. Being Chef celebrates the “Cake Love” and brings to you Incredible Cake Facts That You Probably Did Not Know. Read on!



  1. During the 17th century in England, people believed that keeping fruit cakes under the pillows of unmarried people will make them have sweet dreams about their fiancée.

  2. If fruitcakes are stored properly in air tight containers and laced with the right preservatives then they can last for upto 25 years
  3. The traditional round shape of cakes symbolizes the cycle of life, the moon and the sun. This is why in most western countries cakes are cut to mark the beginning of a new part of life like birthday, marriage or anniversary.
  4. Amish women used to pack small cakes in the lunch boxes of their farmer husbands in order to give them a treat for their hard work.
  5. Cupcakes are known as “Fairy Cakes” in Britain and “Patty Cakes” in Australia.



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