The Navratra Chef

Enjoy Navratras the traditional way with these dishes

Fasting during navratras does not necessarily have to mean not eating. It is a festive time when we focus on cleansing our body system, especially of all the junk food that it has accumulated, and look forward to nine full days of navratra food which might be considered to be on the healthier side. Here are a few dishes we would recommend on this occasion.


Sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana gets consumed the most during this time and if you’re a sabudana lover, you would find it in your homes on regular days as well. Sabudana khichdi is quite simple and made with sendha namak or rock salt, which is the salt used during this time and is considered to be a purer version of the salt we consume on a regular day. Add pieces of boiled potatoes and peanuts to make it taste better.

Water Chestnut / Singhare Ke Pakode

Water Chestnut / Singhare Ke Pakode

The basic catch during navratras is to avoid onion and garlic along with the sodium salt mainly, but fried food can be eaten in plenty. Pakodas can be made from singhare ka atta stuffed with aloo and sendha namak, coated with the singhare ka atta dough. Even cereals need to be avoided, which is also taken care of in this dish.

Makhane ki kheer

Makhane Ki Kheer

Kheer can be enjoyed this festive season the most and is actually quite a treat for the people not following the vrat or fast as well, since it is not made that frequently on regular days. Makhane can be used instead of rice or even sabudana to make delicious kheers with plenty of milk and even more makhane.

Fruit chaat

Fruit Chaat

For those looking for an only fruit diet, make your fruit salad a little interesting by adding sugar, lemon, sendha namak and black pepper. Add all your favourite fruits to the mixture, and mainly the seasonal ones because they would be certainly fresh compared to the others and easy to access.

Potato wafers without salt

´┐╝Potato Wafers Without Salt

We do get special navratra chips during this season with sendha namak which are equally delicious and very navratra friendly. You can make them at home too by frying potato strips and putting sendha namak on them.

We want you to be comfortable this navratra and be aware of the delicious food you can have while observing the rules of the fast at the same time.



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